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The road to independent music or artistic success, It’s not always easy being an independent musician or artist. But there are few things more rewarding than pulling into your driveway after a profitable 4-week summer tour that you booked and promoted yourself; few experiences that can top listening for the first time to the mastered version of your new self-funded and self-produced album; few moments more validating than when your listeners list continues to grow and fuel the creative spirit.


Heading South • Naylor & Kent • 04.2017


"Music heals the soul. Soulful music connects with us and this is music for your soul."

Michael J. Savage, Tony Robbins Results Life Coaching

Facebook Post 4-5-17


"I think of music as food, ie, essential. Music feeds your spirit and is a created expression that is capable of going beyond the here and now." - cln

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music notes


Jonathan Edwards

What a thrill, I met Jonathan Edwards at his Bonita Springs concert in March. Yody yody yada . . . he has my business card.

Tomorrow's Child

If you have an opportunity and if you were ever a fan, you want to give this one a listen.

"Tomorrow's Child." Produced by Darrell Scott and featuring a number of Nashville luminaries, from Shawn Colvin to Jerry Douglas, John Cowan, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and others! Jonathan is very pleased to present this studio album that feels like a live recording with a living room feel.


Jonathan Edwards Website

Naylor & Kent

Bring it on back

Released April 2016
This CD is a digital remake, redo, remix and remastering of music from the duos former group's collection of songs including a couple of NowMuffin tunes as well as number borrowed from the Ramones.

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mmu's featured folkers

The Currys





Brought together by family ties and a shared appreciation for folk, rock, and roots music, The Currys are an Americana trio featuring brothers Jimmy and Tommy and cousin Galen Curry. Like many family groups, their songs are anchored by the sort of elastic, entwined harmonies that only seem to exist among kin.
The Currys Website


February 9, 2017 - Franklin Manor, pre Rock Boat party, Tampa Florida. Tommy, Jimmy and Galen Curry. I'm the young guy second from the left.